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Since it’s inception in 1992, the NRSB has performed the following milestones:
1993 - Develop and implement population surveys using standard capture/recapture
techniques as to draw data towards establishing a population estimate.

1993 – Develop and distribute recommendations resulting in limiting domestic
harvest quotas and harvest areas.

1995 - Develop and implement artificial population enhancement methods using spawn-taking, fish hatchery and release techniques.

2000 - Contract Secretariat to perform standard coordination, policy development,
research and development and implementation of Sturgeon awareness program.

2001 – Access funds to develop promotional material in the form of website
development, Television infomercial, newsletter/pamphlet, and informational kiosks for education and communication purposes.

2002 – Research and develop cooperative approach to the 2002 field management
program towards establishing relationships with education and training institution providing training & employment opportunities and receiving skilled services and access to specific equipment.

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